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Skelet. is a contemporary CSS boilerplate which gives you the foundations to start building your next project right away.

Skelet. provides a simple, minimal yet solid starting point for websites.
Get started quickly with the HTML5 template, or just include skelet.css in your own project.

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  1. Leighweight! Only 8kb Gzipped
  2. Quick to start with zero compiling or installing necessary.
  3. Fully customizable with CSS Vars.
  4. Dark mode ready out of the box.
  5. Minimal and straight-forward 16-column CSS grid system utilizing descriptive HTML rather than semantic CSS.
  6. A number of small utility classes that act as easy-to-use helpers.
  7. Basic animations ready to use right away, using descriptive HTML.
  8. Flexbox utilities
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wp-Skelet. is a highly optimized HTML5 Blank WordPress boilerplate theme. That serve as a starting point for developing your own custom theme. Pre-loaded with time saving features in functions.php. Already included Skelet. CSS framework, for a quick start.

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A blank and minimal theme for Grav. No dependencies. Improved directory structure. Optimized build process and freedom to create. It's basically Skelet. for Grav CMS.

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